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Add A Little Color To Your Mission

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Designs for the Social Good.

Started in 2016 as a passion project, Inverted Triangle Design's goal is to create modern designs for organizations doing work that helps create a better society. In an age of visuals, you want your brand to show off who you are and who you help. Specializing in annual report design, website design, and social media graphics, I work within your budget (because every world changer has a budget) to create the best look for your organization.

Simple & Powerful

The most important aspect of a nonprofit website is accessibility. You want somebody viewing your site to know exactly who you are and how to support you. That's why I focus on simple, yet powerful designs that streamline the information and get people right where you want them: the donation page.


Embrace the Simple

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"We felt our vision was captured because of his talent and his ability to listen well. The end result was fantastic!"

— Tori Lackey, Johnson Scholarship Foundation

Make your design come full circle

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The Bottom Line

When you're looking for the right designer for your project, look for one with passion. Look for a designer who understands the mission and will take the time to understand you. Why hire a major design firm that doesn't understand what your needs are? Hire a designer who is passionate about doing good. Hire me.